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A Starry Escapade
reaching for the stars had never been this fun
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2nd-Jun-2010 06:13 am - Icon Dump #08, sup
twins by fate
Okay, so this community isn't dead, how can you say that? XD I mean I'm sorry if this comm went on hibernation. A long long one. But now it's awake. For the moment, at least. I've been tinkering with Photoshop as of late, so. I come bearing icons! Most of these are experiments and witnesses to my fail shading, though. While some have gathered dust in my hard drive. >: Oh and btw, some of these aren't worksafe so consider yourself warned. /got carried away by DouWata goodness orz;;


- - -

Icon Dump #08

Card Captor Sakura [x13]
Fairy Tail [x12]
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle [x18]
xxxHolic [x20]
Miscellaneous (see tags) [x8]
FO banners (Fairy Tail) [x2]


shining shimmering splendidCollapse )
Uhmmm. Hi everybody? *pokes community nervously* I know it's been several months since we last updated. starlight_19-neechan and I have been more or less swamped with real life stuff to deal with. >.<

Anyway, today I bring my first piece of non-TRC/CCS/SxS graphic: a Vampire Knight wallpaper, featuring Zero and Yuuki. Yeah, I actually got myself a new fandom; isn't that awesome? 8D


because they need more love.Collapse )
21st-Dec-2007 01:26 pm - SakuSyao wallpaper, nyaah~
And I am again apologizing because I haven't got the time to make a decent number of icons to post. >__> Since I finished this earlier than everything else, I posted it already and I do hope everyone would like this simple Christmas gift I have for you all~

This is my very first venture for a wallpaper so, please, be kind to me! *bowbow*




& one foggy Christmas eve, Santa came and say..Collapse )
28th-Oct-2007 02:56 am - Icon Dump #07, yosh
our world
I wasn't able to restore everything that got involved in that deletion thing and I don't have much time to make more 'cause there are so many things coming this week now that Halloween is arriving. >__> GOMEN NE! :'c I do hope this batch shall suffice. God knows how much I want to post a huge icon batch but, my body can't take any more sleepless night and I can't find some of my resources anymore. T__T


- - -

Icon Dump #07
Cardcaptor Sakura [x20]
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle [x5]
Naruto [x3]
Romeo x Juliet [x1]
Fandom Colorbars [x5]


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We are Fighting Dreamers~Collapse )
29th-Sep-2007 04:36 pm - Syaoran(cest) Wallpaper, Mmhm

Spoilers for Tsubasa chapitres 120+.

The whole of itCollapse )
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